Baroque style furniture today

There are a number of assumptions, which means in the translation of the word baroque, here are some options: from the Italian barocco, which means uncool, prone to excess; from the Portuguese perola barroca – the pearl of irregular shape.

Baroque style in the interior

General characteristics of the Baroque style – splendor, scale, symmetry. Widely used fresco paintings on walls and ceilings. The baroque almost never occur straight lines.

The room is in the Baroque style

The walls are decorated with carpeted floors, large mirrors and paintings in massive frames, murals. The walls are made small niches for statues and vases. Above the doors are well will look panels. Paul laid parquet or laminate. The windows should be large and decorated with drapes of expensive fabrics. All that can be covered with gold.


The furniture in the Baroque style

This style is the nature of the furniture is richly decorated with ornate carvings, upholstered in rich fabrics, painted in vivid colors. Good will look large beds and huge closets. Also in this style requires various chests, various tables, desk and bookcases.

Light Baroque

Lighting should be subdued. Good will look mimic candles in sconces, floor lamps with different colored shades.

Color Baroque

The most successful white color in combination with gold, as well as red. Just permissible use of bright colors: blue, green, yellow and so on. Be sure to use gold.


Baroque interior Advantages

Correctly composed baroque interior is different indescribable beauty and wealth.

Disadvantages of the interior in the Baroque style

It requires a lot of space, is not suitable for small apartments. This style is very difficult to enter the modern household appliances.