Bathroom design ideas

Decorate your bathroom using colour and light

The bathroom is a place where you can be brave with colours, tile effects and décor. The white backdrop of the bathroom suite is the perfect canvas for bold colours and bright schemes. Here are some ideas to help you decorate your beautiful space.

Add a splash of colour to your bathroom. Be brave with colour or go for a contemporary look to suit your style. White is the traditional colour for creating the illusion of space, but colour can add warmth. Warm bathroom colours are a growing trend, reflected in the wide range of furniture finishes that are available in all ranges. Tiles are perfect for bathrooms as they offer a long lasting surface, which is easily maintained. ORRO Artistic tiling tips and tricks tackle everything from colour and size, to style and finish.

Through Improve Canada, it has a wide range of furniture that is fitted below basins, mirrors, lighting, additional furniture, and every type of bathroom equipment accessory.

Its collections include everything from classic lines to cutting-edge designs and use traditional materials such as wood, with its natural finish, and more contemporary finishes, such as unusual high-shine lacquers, glass , the advanced material.

Collections also include modular designs with a large storage capacity that can be adapted to any space, special models on a smaller scale for guest bathrooms and exclusive projects for hotels, residences, large projects, etc.

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