Calligaris – Italian furniture producer, working with full dedication and attention to fashion since 1923, now completely changes its brand. The new logo, and with them a new world of images that best expresses the essence of the company for the public. In addition, Calligaris now has a mascot – a woodpecker, a tireless worker, who lives in the trees. It embodies the love of wood and resourcefulness, which the firm takes into development and manufacture of fine products. Starting with the production of chairs Marocco, for the manufacture of woven seat whose founder Antonio Calligaris factory invented the automatic machine, Calligaris Furniture Factory to 90-ies of the last century to develop the production of tables and chairs. The next major step was the production of furniture for the whole house in the development.

Calligaris Factory Technology and Functionality

Development of each product – a process that requires deep knowledge of the market and the ability to find the right balance between technology and experiment. Calligaris approach is based on some essential elements: continuous investment in the expansion and deepening of the range of products, together with research in the direction of the functionality and ingenuity. All this is reflected in the extensive range of collections, always different and always unique.

The catalogs Calligalis factory – more than 800 models of chairs, dining tables, home office furniture (desks and computer tables, chairs, etc.), furniture accessories (hangers, mirrors, coffee tables, console, etc.), housing furniture (modular systems, cabinets, chests of drawers, display cases, etc.).

Design of functional, comfortable and elegant furniture attracts designers of world known: Roberto Lucci & Paolo Orlandini, Adriano Balutto, Edi & Paolo Ciani, Fabio Bortolani, Stefano Savazzana and others.

Today Calligalis – a brand that is well known all over the world. Very popular Calligaris Furniture in North America.