Popular Interior Designers In New York City

John Barman – A much-coveted and hip New York City designer, it is no surprise that John’s client list includes the likes of Neil Simon, George Stephanopoulos and Wynton Marsalis. With an appreciation for architectural detail and fine art, his luxurious and sophisticated spaces are both approachable, elegant and boldly defined. John is consistently recognized as a giant in his field, with appearances in Architectural Digest and Esquire magazines, as well as books including City Living and Celebrity Bedrooms.eclectic interior design Continue reading “Popular Interior Designers In New York City”

The ALF Group

The ALF Group – a leader in Italy today with offices located worldwide – was established in 1951 as a co-operative organisation of woodworkers who began a standard production of instruments for all sorts of uses. After a few years, Oliviero and Eugenio Piovesana took over the business and right from the early Sixities, they led the company to distinguish itself in the design and manufacture of bedroom furniture. In 1985 ALF beganto take chape as a group by incorporating companies specialized in other feilds and offerin a production range from bedroom to living room furniture.

Pintdecor glass furniture

Since 1976 Adria Artigianato S. r. L. Has been studying, designing and making items for fine arts and furniture components. Pintdecor, a line of furniture and design accessories in which the quality and uniqueness of the products is based on an excellent quality / price ratio, is the result of three generations of experience. Each production phase takes place entirely at our Riccione plants which are composed of 16000 square metres. To create Italian-designed furniture accessories, to furnish with originality all the environments in which people live and work, taking great care over the quality, in particular over the finishing and decoration by hand of every single product as well as service and innovation: this is the mission with which Pintdecor has spread out into the world. The thousands of customers acquired all over the world and the opening of numerous PINTDECOR retail outlets, are a confirmation of the success and quality of our products.
Design and Materials
New collection includes design panels, mirrors, lamps, clocks, tables and coffee tables, CD-holders, bookcases and other one-of-a-kind furnishing accessories, completely finished and hand-decorated.

Prealpi dark oak fitted wall

Fitted Wall

Dark oak fitted wall, with door frame and insert in gold leaf. The wainscoting panels are foiled with decorative paper. Media storage cabinets, I remember once I posted a couple of fine designs and had you all write in. yesterday, I was going through some modern designs on storage cabinets for a client, and could not help smiling. They were fine things, at least some of them. So here I am, back with more ideas….

Sophisticated, may be a better word to describe the designs. The Fitted Wall is equally appealing. The TV just fits in there like a genius design. 6 drawers are couched behind the left wooden door, and the right reveals three shelves. The back portion of the top panel is removable for slotting in the wall panel if desire, equipped with two wooden shelves behind the tempered glass (which can again be lit up). I like the lower storage cabinets and the pull out design…hmm….call it a hit.

ALF funiture in Toronto

ALF furniture in Toronto
ALF furniture in Toronto

ALF is manufacturer of Italian designed contemporary furnishings.
Types of furniture:
Armoires, Beds, Bureaus, Chaise lounges, Chests, Curios, Dining room chairs, Dining room sets, Dining room tables, Dressers, End tables, Entertainment centers, Etageres, Hutches, Nightstands, Office desks, Wall units
Main styles: Contemporary, Traditional
Sells furniture: To the trade only; inquire at a furniture store