House staging in Toronto

We’re pleased to introduce a top staging service in Toronto – furniture for staging Toronto, conveniently located at 1194 Caledonia Road. To become a home staging professionals was a natural evolution of it’s current business which is doing furniture retail since 1989. It was not a lot of high end modern furniture stores in Toronto, those days. Only two names were well recognized by modern style funs, Martin Daniel’s and Virez Home Interiors.

European style home staging

The fact, that Virez showcases furniture from around the world, increased clientele with different backgrounds and  they started to ask more and more of Virez’s decorating advice. While home staging is a pretty new field in Canada, Virez realized, that it would be a practical extension of the furniture selling.

There are now over 130 homes and condos in GTA beautifuly staged by Virez Home Interiors or it’s partners. The custom home builders,  interior designers and real estate brokers are using Virez as furniture and accessories staging service.

How to Properly Set up a Retail Display Case

retail displays

Store owners use retail display cases to showcase and protect products until they sell. By employing the right techniques, sellers can use a display case to highlight a product’s best features, drawing the buyer’s eye. The case also protects items from theft, damage, and dust, whether they are jewels, coins, or comic books. Properly setting up a retail display requires choosing the right display case and products, creating a layout plan, and attractively arranging the products for sale. Continue reading “How to Properly Set up a Retail Display Case”