Prealpi dark oak fitted wall

Fitted Wall

Dark oak fitted wall, with door frame and insert in gold leaf. The wainscoting panels are foiled with decorative paper. Media storage cabinets, I remember once I posted a couple of fine designs and had you all write in. yesterday, I was going through some modern designs on storage cabinets for a client, and could not help smiling. They were fine things, at least some of them. So here I am, back with more ideas….

Sophisticated, may be a better word to describe the designs. The Fitted Wall is equally appealing. The TV just fits in there like a genius design. 6 drawers are couched behind the left wooden door, and the right reveals three shelves. The back portion of the top panel is removable for slotting in the wall panel if desire, equipped with two wooden shelves behind the tempered glass (which can again be lit up). I like the lower storage cabinets and the pull out design…hmm….call it a hit.

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