Each piece of furniture from IL LOFT is a living witness of how tradition can happily make the eye to modernity.

Il Loft founder of the company is well-known among the manufacturers of furniture designer Giorgio Saporiti. The professionalism and the creative approach of the author is fully reflected in his works. Furniture Il Loft is always a distinctive design, exclusivity and high quality models. However, despite the fact that Il Loft models belong to the category of elite furniture, sofas, chairs or other type Il Loft -always furniture very convenient and practical. And, of course, extremely beautiful – furniture Il Loft is able to decorate any room, living room, bedroom, a winter garden and even a playground near the pool. Bright colors are unusual Il Loft furniture upholstery fabrics, as well as their own objects of the invention, Il Loft for interior decoration creates a festive mood and atmosphere of luxury and comfort. Currently, a large number of products offered on the international market, whose origin is difficult to trace. Il Loft Furniture pleasantly different in this regard. All items, including the smallest details and accessories, entirely manufactured in Italy, as evidenced by a recognizable label Il Loft «100% made in Italy.”