Infinity swivel bed by Prealpi

Infinity Swivel Bed
Infinity Swivel Bed

Add glamour, style and an undeniable streak of fun to your bedroom with the Infinity Rotating Bed. Bask in the warmth of compliments from your friends and family on your impeccable and unique taste.

Infinity bed cradles you like an oyster cradles a pearl. The Italian company manufacturing this product is producing exciting designs for bedrooms, at affordable prices and without compromising quality, quite an achievement.
The Infinity bed is shown here with an inbuilt corner unit, but is also available as a free standing circular bed for the centre of your room, or with a straight inbuilt unit for more usual sitting against a long wall. Infinity revolves either manually or electrically otherwise fixed; features include inbuilt ambient lighting at floor level. You may select fine or Eco leather upholstery Complimentary furniture shaped to surround the Infinity. Infinity swivel bed covered with velvet and with grease oakcenter back unit.
Finish: Eco-Leather, Leather
Color Option: Black, Red, Brown, White

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