Rubber floors in commercial spaces

Rubber floor tiles are without a doubt rapidly becoming one of the more popular and widespread flooring materials in new buildings. This is particularly true in loft style apartments and condos, retail store spaces, and the kinds of inviting, visually appealing offices often used by design firms and other companies that routinely host clients in their work area. Surprisingly, there are still some people who aren’t aware of the flooring options available in rubber floor tiles even though they have become so popular. So what exactly are rubber tiles and what makes them so desirable? Let’s take a look.

Rubber floor tiles are literally that: flooring tiles made from rubber. You’re familiar with the useful qualities of rubber from other products in your house. Rubber has a well-earned reputation for being able to withstand almost any abuse without getting scratched, marked or dented. Imagine if you took that same rubber, made a thick, super-strong version of it in attractive patterns and colors, and manufactured flooring tiles out of it. That’s exactly what rubber floor tiles are. Many rubber tiles are even made from recycled materials, making an already green product even greener.

There are a number of advantages to rubber floor tiles over conventional flooring methods like wood, regular tile, or vinyl. Rubber tiles are one of the sturdiest flooring materials on the market. They are virtually impervious to water, naturally resist stains, and are resilient to scuffing. Rubber flooring was originally engineered for extremely high-traffic public areas that thousands of people walk on daily. It is designed to stand up to the absolute heaviest abuse you can give it. Now, leading companies like Protect-All Flooring have brought rubber flooring to the commercial and residential settings by making affordable, extremely attractive versions.

Protect-All Flooring’s rubber floor tiles come in seemingly endless varieties, appealing to a wide range of taste and styles. Their rubber floors are available in sheets, square tiles and interlocking tiles. They offer dozens of different solid colors, and have specialized lines in flecked and speckled patterns. Their most recent offering to the market includes beautiful, convincing colors and patterns, which has opened up their flexibility to more tastes than ever before. Of course, many people like to get rubber floor tiles in a ribbed or stippled texture to add a grunge, industrial or postmodern feel that really brings character into an otherwise plain space. This is perhaps the most popular commercial use. Protect-All Flooring also offers a coating with UV-cured, factory-applied urethane wear layer, Protect-All Gloss is both scuff and scratch resistant.

If you are designing a space, either from scratch or a renovation, take a look at Protect-All Flooring’s rubber floor tiles. They could do wonders for your space at an affordable price.

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